Thursday, July 7, 2011

Mystery Solved!

After doing a little insect sleuthing, I have manage to identify my new "friend" Weird bug. (see yesterdays post )Thank you very much to my blogger friend intenseguy  for pointing me in the right direction! As a grown up moth, it is harmless, it has no mouth.  However, the larvae enjoy munching on various trees, one of which is a Cherry Tree. It is also quite common around here. (go figure) I have a Royal Anne Cherry Tree in my yard which is probably why I came across it, and I love it!
I just picked these last week from my tree. Yummy!

This picture is from the web, also known as Rainier Cherries. These are not pie cherries, just good eatin' cherries. I think you can also make wine from them too.
I don't use any sort of pest control or fertilizer on my tree and I don't want to start, so hopefully there is no reason to be worried. I did send an inquiry to the Washington State Extension office just to be sure.
This concludes today's lesson... Nerd smile
The next post will be all about Fred, I promise!


  1. I absolutely love Rainier cherries, but rarely see them around here. Silly moth!

  2. Oh cool! That moth is definitely the one!!


    Yummy cherries!! Both kinds of them... Just have to make sure the moth didn't lay a ton of eggs on your tree - caterpillars can eat a ton.

  3. Nasty looking bug! I love fresh cherries, just bought a bag yesterday. Good luck with your tree and cherries.

  4. I love cherries. Cherry pie is one of my favourites....Pecan pie is my all time favourite. Hey, that moth looks really cool!

  5. Good to know you found out about your moth. The cherries look very nice, I am not one for cherries myself but I hope you enjoy yours.

  6. Mmmm lucky! I love fresh cherries!

    Regarding Chrome's club foot, normally a club foot is on the front, but it's actually quite common for Friesians to have them on their rear hooves. I'm drawing a blank which hind it is right now (too early), but I think it's his right hind. A club hoof is caused by several factors, his is genetic, but usually it's a short tendon in one leg that causes the hoof to grow straighter up and down, than a normal hoof. My trimmer keeps his looking fairly normal so it's sort of hard to identify. It causes him to walk weird in his rear, but shouldn't cause any problems for us down the road since I mainly just want to trail ride. It makes it difficult for him to step sideways under his body, so upper level Dressage wouldn't be possible for him. That's no big deal though. :)

    As far as riding him, that won't be for another year at least. Horses shouldn't be ridden until they are three years old because that's when the growth plates harden in their legs. However the growth plates in their spines don't close until they are five or six years old so even though I'll start riding him very lightly as a three year old (he's two right now) I won't ride him for long at a time or very hard. We will do absolutely no jumping until he's at least six and even then probably not much because of the club hoof and his straight hind legs (less shock absorbing abilities). That's probably more than you ever wanted to know, but I hope it made sense lol!

  7. Yep, that's why I don't care for horse racing. I know some people take better care than others, but they all ride them too soon and most keep them in stalls and feed them more concentrated feed than their stomachs are designed to handle. Very unhealthy environment. It's not just racehorses though. It happens in a lot of areas of equestrian disciplines. It does suck having to wait to ride Chrome, but I was aware of it when I got him so I was/am willing to wait. We have so much fun with our games and our walks out on the road together that I really don't mind not being able to ride him. As soon as Faran gains some confidence and experience I am looking forward to riding him. :D

  8. I hate dealing with critters in my garden. Those cherries look wonderful. Also, I love your header photo.


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