Thursday, March 13, 2014

Happy Birthday Fred!

It is almost impossible for me to wrap my head around the fact that Fred is 6 years old.

I thought that I would share some photos with him, starting from the day I brought him home May 5th, 2008.
 You can read about it here
Then it was like I blinked and he was no longer a puppy.
He's always looking forward to company.
At this point, Buddy the cat was still not very pleased about the "new comer". Fred didn't give up though, and they really did become friends. You can read the story of how Buddy became an outside cat Here

My beach loving boy!

Praying to the space heater gods... then
 and now... (some things never change)
 He can be found here every morning.

Basking in the sun

Always a snuggle bug

Our attempts at socializing in the dog park. The story of drooler boy is here

Hiking however, is a whole different story. These are good times! Here is the story about this one.
 I think he's a bit irritated because someone is standing on his leash. I love the face though!

Freddy the famous flying dog!
This is just something silly he does every time he comes in from doing "big business", I have no idea why, but for some reason he has to do laps in the house afterwards. I guess it's quite exhilarating...

He's a pretty good sport when it comes to costumes. This one worked for the 4th and Halloween.

Not a big fan of the water, he prefers the raft.
Or snow, he wouldn't leave the porch.
But he did when he had to go.
He couldn't wait to get back in the house

A bit possessive when it comes to his things...

These are just some of my favs.

I hope you enjoyed this little look back.

Happy Birthday Freddy! You truly are my very best friend!

Monday, December 23, 2013

I May Have Created a Monster

A cookie monster that is...

The other day, my daughter and I made a few batches of cookies. One of which was a batch of homemade dog cookies...

Fred rarely gets anything other than his regular dog food. He has what some may call a flatulence problem. We are all much happier when he goes without any extras in his diet.

One of the advantages to not sharing any tid bits with Fred is he doesn't beg at meal time, it's just not an issue. I like that. I really don't like being stared at when I eat, I find it unnerving.
I only make these treats once a year, mostly for gifts for the other dogs we know. Fred  gets quite perky when I make them.
"Are they done yet?"
Actually, I find them rather stinky when they bake, an aroma Fred relishes. After they cool, I let Fred be the taste tester. I then put them in zipper bags to keep them fresh. I also put the human cookies in a zipper bag.
I think I need to make another batch of the human kind...

 I can't seem to keep my mitts out of the human cookies, which coincidentally are sitting in the same area as the dog treats. So I casually walk into the kitchen as Fred is hot on my heals, and zip, zip, I sneak a cookie...then I look down and see Fred giving me his VERY best Freddy face.

What can I say, I'm a sucker for that cute little mug. Zip, Zip he gets a cookie.
Fred always follows me around the house, wherever I am, so is Fred. My little shadow. Now, however there seems to be an extra spring in his step. He has this uncanny ability of getting me to notice him.
 "Hey mom, I'm right down here, what are you doing? How about a cookie? Look at me!"
A year or so ago, I taught him how to roll over. Now, all of the sudden I've got this little dog rolling around all over the house, he's throwing everything he's got at me, sit, shake, (both paws) sit up, sit pretty, lay down,you name it, he's doing it. Constantly.
 "Hows this?"
 "This way?"
"How about this?"
"For cripes sake! Please?"
 All I need to do is twirl my finger, and off he goes rolling around the house. He gets himself stuck every once in a while, up against the coffee table, shoes, things get in the way, but by gosh, it doesn't stop him, he just rolls the other way. Sheesh! Sometimes his gears get stuck, and he just sits and spins. I find it quite amusing. (understatement, it's hysterical) He's giving his all. There's really nothing I can do but give in.
I do have one rule though, he has to eat all of his regular food before any treats come out. I think that rule finally dawned on him last night. He was working hard a trying to get my attention, to let me know he thought now was a good time for a cookie. He very loudly marched over to his food dish, as if to tell me he had indeed eaten all of his dinner, well what could I do? He got a cookie.

I sure do love my little dog!

Merry Christmas Everyone!

 Here's the recipe if your interested: