Wednesday, July 6, 2011

What The Heck Is This??

Today's post was going to be something completely different here but...

The sun had gone down just enough that I decided to go outside and water my plants and sit for a bit in the beautiful evening that we are experiencing here in the Pacific Northwest. I just took a nice long drink from my glass full of ice tea when out of the corner of my eye I saw this...THING!

For crying out loud! What is it?
Luckily I could use my zoom, I wasn't going anywhere near this thing.

I suppose it's kinda cool in it's own weird way...
It was hard to scale for size, but its about the size of a credit card, just a tad bit smaller.

The camo is just fascinating to me.

Is this alien creature going to eat all my plants?
Should I be worried?

I am really glad it's outside and not inside. I am unclear what exactly my game plan would be if I found this in my house, or God forbid...My Room!

Of course no post of mine would be complete without a picture of Fred.

That's as close as I'm going to get to a smile I think.

(It's still out there)


  1. Pretty gnarly looking moth. Hope he didn't bring any friends.

  2. Awww jeez! I didn't even think about it possibly having a Mate. Yikes!

  3. Looks like a moth to me too - I don't know the Pacific Northwest varieties. Which edge of the credit card did you measure it with? the long or short one? might help you - can email them the photo and ask them to ID it. :)

    Its odd that its wings are so curled up - I wonder if it just "hatched" (whatever moths do!)

    It looks like an Eastern Tent caterpillar moth (which it can't be) or one of the Looper moths.

    Maybe its a tulip-tree silk moth?

  4. A beautiful moth. I would not worry about your garden, since it looks like it should be sitting against a tree trunk with that wing texture and coloring.

  5. Well I think your followers have given you some good advice, moths are not dangerous so you have nothing to worry about, oh but don’t eat them as some can be poisonous if eaten and some moths caterpillars can also be poisonous, but its not like you are going to eat them so don’t worry about it. It’s a nice looking moth I think your follower is right about its camouflage, it will probably just hang around near trees and that sort of stuff. Nice photo of Fred he looks very content.

  6. Cool looking moth, but yeah I wouldn't want it in my house either lol!

    Regarding Storm, the fireworks weren't going off when she killed the chickens. It'd just her instinct to kill small animals. Some Siberian Huskies can't even be trusted around cats. Storm is fine with cats and small dogs, but she will kill birds and rodents in a heartbeat. I'm not blaming her for doing what she's genetically programed to do. :)

  7. Oh cool! I have seen those. You know if you touch it has a second set of wings that it will display that are a almost a hot pink with a bluish dot in the middle. I think to ward off predators. It's beautiful. Sucks when they get caught it a bug zapper though it will nearly start the thing on fire....

  8. Hi Intenseguy asked me to look at your blog. Beautiful moth. I think it is perhaps a Blind-eyed Sphinx Moth.


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