Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Freds' Ordeal

I have lived in my house now for 18 years. It was brand new when we moved into it and it is a very nice house. It is a two story traditional, with about 2000 sq. feet, 3 bedrooms upstairs, living space downstairs. However, it is way too much house for just Fred and I. It has become apparent that it’s time to sell. Time to find something that is more manageable for me. I am not sure where I would like to go just yet, but it will be closer to my Mom and Sister. Obviously, now is not the time to sell due to the horrible housing slump and lucky for me, I don’t have to move right away. I’ve got time.

So, with the help of my Mom and Sister, we have begun the process of getting the house all spiffy. Which includes new siding, new interior paint, etc.. Well, that work started this week, with a vengeance, I’ve got pounding going on on the outside, paint people bustling around on the inside, busy, busy, busy.

Paint Crew (Not sure if there's work going on)
Upstairs Hall

Fred and I are just trying to keep out of the way. I’m also cleaning things as they are taken down and moved around for painting. The upstairs is almost finished, except for my room…

The painters left yesterday afternoon and said they wouldn’t be back until Friday. OK, I had hoped things would keep moving but I understand. Like I said, I’ve got time

After they left I decided to check on the upstairs progress so far. The two bedrooms are done for the most part, the main bath upstairs looks done, there is still plenty of clean up to do, but there’s paint on the walls, it’s all good.

Bedroom 1

Bedroom 2

Main Bathroom

Then I went to look in my room and this is what I saw…

Door to my bedroom

If you look real close you can see my bed all wrapped up in a couple of layers of plastic, you may not be able to make it out, but trust me, it’s in there. And there’s chunks of plaster everywhere on the floor.

I had asked the painting crew earlier in the day if I was going to be able to sleep in my room, they had assured me I could, the bed and dresser would just be moved away from the walls. Well, apparently they didn’t pass this info onto the drywall guy that was patching up the various nicks and dents that had occurred throughout the years, also, there was some moisture damage on the ceiling in my room and he needed to scrape the old stuff off, then retexture today. Hmmm, Oh well, we won’t be doing any sleeping in there.

I’ll survive, and hopefully, it’s just for one night. I’m thankful that the work is getting done. I can’t get to my clothes either, the dresser is also enshrined in plastic. I could probably pick around and retrieve something, but I don’t want to mess up the “packaging” and I don’t really need to go anywhere today that requires another set of clothes. The drywall guy should be back later on today to hopefully finish what he needs to do.

As I had posted before, click on The Nap , I have a couch that even though it may not be the prettiest thing, it’s a great napping couch. Emphasis on napping. Not that great for an all niter. It’s also not the end of my world. It is however the end of Fred's.

There’s no room for the two of us. Fred was going to have to fend for himself this time. I finally decided it was time for bed, and proceeded to walk the 6 or so feet to what was going to be my bed for the evening and started my usual routine, getting the pillow just so, blanket all nice and cozy, then I laid down. Fred marched up to my face as I was lying there, and just stared at me, for what seemed like an eternity. Then he put his front paws up and finagled a belly rub out of me, acting pretty forlorn. He knew he couldn’t sleep on the couch with me. He tried to plead his case with me, big huge eyes, the works, but, there just isn’t room. He gets too large at night (translation: bed hog). I finally told him to go sleep in his snoopy bed or the rocking chair or something and he stepped off. First he hopped up onto the snoopy bed and rooted around there pretty good, there is another blanket up there too, rooted around with that real good, it was neatly folded, now it’s not.

Good ole' Snoopy

The "neatly" folded blanket.
He was rooting with a purpose, to make sure I knew, without a doubt, he was not happy about this situation.

"This is not comfortable"

After all that rooting around, Fred then hopped off the bed and into the rocking chair. He twirled around a few times, then he finally settled, and proceeded to glare stare at me. I could “feel” him watching my every move.

"I am not happy about this situation"

My "nest" for the night

I closed my eyes and tried to get some zz’s. Pretty soon I heard Fred hop off the chair a proceed to walk through the kitchen (tic a tic a tic a) and then I heard him stomp up the stairs. I guess he decided he was going to sleep on my bed as usual, with or without me. He’d had enough of this. Obviously, he had forgotten there was a mess up there. I really wish I could’ve watched him as he very purposely stomped up the stairs to go to bed, and then to see the look on his face when he ran into the big wall of plastic covering the entrance to my bedroom. “DOH!”

So down the stairs he stomped and through the kitchen he tic a tic a tic a’d, and hopped up into his snoopy bed… again. He let out an audible harrruuummmph! I peeked up over my blanket and all I could see were two big ears perked and pointed in my direction. He probably held that position all night.
"Wake up, wake up, wake up Mama!..."

Well, we made it through the night and I got up before the siding guys arrived so I could brace myself for the pounding and the various power tools to begin again.

Before I hopped off the couch though, Fred came over to say good morning and jumped up on the couch next to me for a little morning snuggle. And, I kid you not, he was actually shivering! It wasn’t cold, or anything. He acted like he had just been through the worst most awful night in his whole entire life. He just sat next to me and trembled, when he shivers, he breaths through his mouth, it’s very odd. It kind of sounds like little gasps, like after a child has been crying really hard, and they have hard time catching their breath. He was really pouring it on, it was pathetic. Alright, I’m not gonna lie here, it was totally freakin’ adorable! He wanted to make darn sure I knew how horribly awful his night was.

I heard ya Freddy, loud and clear.

I hope we can return to the regular sleeping arrangement tonight, if nothing else, for Fred’s sake, even if the bed is all askew. I’m not sure he will survive another night like that.

First floor

"What's with the filthy dude?"

I can't wait until it's all done!

To be continued…


  1. If that's as rough as Fred's life gets, then I daresay he has it he has very good life (not that there was any doubt).

    Hope the home improvement period passes quickly, and the drywall gets finished even quicker. Couches are great for naps, but like you said, that's about the limit.

  2. Awww, poor Fred. He's all discombobulated, isn't he? That's a TON of work you're having done, how exciting!! I bet you've been looking at new places too. That's always fun :)
    Give Fred an extra snuggle tonight, for all he's had to endure. It's a rough life, lol.

  3. Bostons aren't just clowns are they... they're also drama queens lol

    Oh and I finally managed to measure Tucker, sort of (he wasn't too keen on the tape measure lol) He's approximately 13-14"
    I've been looking back through the comments but I can't find where you said how big Fred is.

  4. Looks like Mary's ordeal too... holy cows, you are really doing a top to bottom makeover there!!

    I guess since this is the only home Freddy has ever had - it could be a bit traumatic!

    I hope they finish up quickly (and do a great job!) and that your house sells for a nice price.

  5. Okay, thats it. I have fallen in love with Fred!! I'm a new follower! Over from Iggy's place!

    This post had me smiling all the way through.

  6. That sure is a lot of work you are having done, I hope it all goes well. It is a hard job being Fred, poor little chap I am sure he will be happier when every thing gets settled again. Good luck with all the work.

  7. Ugh I'd be with Fred! I don't like not sleeping in my bed either. Or having people in my house or pounding on my walls lol. Poor guy. He sure laid it on thick didn't he? :) Jackal is a drama queen er king too.


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