Tuesday, May 17, 2011

I Just Wanted To Take A Nap...

I have a blue sofa that is a very nice napping couch it’s not pretty, but it works for me. When I decide it's time to lay down to take a nap, there is a process, I move one of the couch pillows out of the way, I fluff up my bed pillow and lay it precisely where I want it in order to get the full snuggle effect, then I lay out my tan blanket just so, so I don't have any extremities leaking out. Like I said, it's a process, and one that does not get lost on Fred, he knows what this means, nap time, he also knows, that when I take my nap, it is the only time that he is not allowed to be on the couch with me. He hates it, but usually he steps up his own napping routine and jumps into the rocking chair, fluffs up the pillow with much purpose, turns around 3 times etc., it too, is a process. Or he does the same with his snoopy bed. Sometimes both.

A few weeks ago was quite a napping week for me, I seemed to have caught a flu bug or something, general malaise, achy, tired, stuffy etc., On this particular day it was a 2 nap day. Sheesh! So, I get all set up and lay down, take off my glasses and prepare for snoozeland.

Well, Fred had had enough of this napping crap, so just as I was dozing off, and he had just got his little nests all set to his liking.

He decided it really wasn't a good time for him to have nap time. He proceeded to become obnoxiously noisy. For instance, instead of just tic tic ticking across the linoleum, he added extra steps, kind of like tic a tic a tic a TICKING, with a vengeance. Drinking water very loudly, he's a loud drinker anyway he snorts, and slurps, chokes, it’s nuts, sometimes I’m not sure he will survive, this too was magnified. Then of course, a really LOUD burp, just for good measure. All the while glancing at me to see if I was asleep. I wasn't. Then the MIGHTY protector in him decides it's time to dash into the living room while "snort barking" just in case there might be bad guys out there (he never does this), high alert, for cripes sake. Ok, this is not working for Fred, I’m still feigning sleep, so next, and I can hear his wheels spinning, he decides it's time to get the toys out (I have a basket they go into at the end of the day), all of them. Short note on this one, for reasons I will never understand, it is an ordeal to get the toys out of the basket, it looks like he may be diffusing a highly explosive bomb. Every move is done with extreme care, very precise and very slow for each one individually, it’s an ordeal. This is why I put them away every night so he has to get them out of the mean basket, hoping someday it won’t be such an ordeal for him (3 years?).
Scary Basket
He grabs the rope toy, gives it a few really good heartfelt noisy shakes, drags the ball out, the other rope toy, and the string, then last but not least, it's time for the nylabone. He positions it in such a way, that it makes a seriously loud grinding noise when he chews on it, the floor is vibrating, widows are rattling, to his utter delight.

He was doing this much louder on that particular day, but you get the idea.

 As “cute” as this all is, I'm getting irritated and firmly asked him to quit, and he did. Eventually, I did finally doze off, seconds, minutes, who knows, not very long. I woke up, opened my eyes to find this ginormous googley eyed monster about 2 inches from my face, ears perked, just staring at me.

Who can get mad at that mug? I certainly can't, so I got up. I think that is why, on that particular day it was a two nap day.

Now, honestly I am not sure if the problem was me napping or the fact that I had made this napping site soo cozy and he wasn't invited. Personally I think it was the latter. So, after making quite sure that I was fully awake and up and about, he proceeded to hop up on the cozy couch and take a nap. I was not quiet.


  1. They have their own agenda! My cat Puck happily snuggles with me when I nap on the couch, but if I try to sleep in the bed, forget about it! She walks across the headboard, sometimes falling on my head (she's not graceful or declawed, to the dresser, and back, over and over. If I kick her out, it's endless whining at the door. It's a mystery.....

  2. I know, I could never sleep with Buddy in the house, actually no one could, he found himself either in the garage or out side at night, before I got Freddy. He's never seemed to mind though. I can beleive he's already 9 yaers old.

  3. Oh my goodness that is too funny! What a smart little devil. I'm impressed with his determination and persistence. :)


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