Monday, January 23, 2012

Fred's New Boots!

The other day my daughter and I were out shopping around and she picked up these little numbers and I knew right then, Fred "needed" these. We were in for a "snow event", in my neck of the woods that means it may or may not snow, mostly not. I looked at the price, they were marked down, pretty reasonable and went for it. Giggling the whole time. We couldn't wait to get these things on Fred. Poor guy, he had no idea what was to come. After much wrangling and finagling, We finally got them on.

"What am I supposed to do with these things?". "What just happened?"

Naturally, I couldn't pass up the opportunity to record his "first steps". I was going to try to edit and clean this up so to speak, but I gave up, so here is the unedited version of Fred's first attempt. Please pardon the giggling and shaky camera work...
The ticking noise you hear right at the beginning is Molly making brownies. If you look close, watch his little tail, it's wagging like crazy.

I quickly grabbed my other camera that still had battery power and continued...At about the 45 second mark, Fred makes a pretty "slick" little turn move. I was surprised at how quickly he started to get pretty used them. I think he enjoyed the attention too.

He was really a trooper throughout this ordeal.  Soon after the "filming", I took the boots off. I think he probably would have left them on, silly dog. I did end up returning them. It was pretty difficult to get them on and I'm pretty sure Buddy would have given Fred plenty of grief. So I spared him the humiliation, from the cat that is...

"What's so funny?"

Oh, and the snow event?  Well, it snowed all night, I guess, and was gone before I got up...Naturally. That's what we call a non event.

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Just a Little Something

Happy New Year!

This has nothing to do with Fred, I just wanted to share something I found while I was looking for a creative way to say thank you for the gifts I received for Christmas via online. It's called Paperless Post. I still think it is always nice to receive  and send a thank you note or just a regular note through the regular mail. Sometimes, I just want to send an quick something to someone and I think this particular site was pretty neat. This site doesn't make you download any "extras" onto your tool bar or anything,. In fact you don't have to download anything at all. For starters, you get 25 free "stamps"  which for me, will last quite some time I also noticed that if you need more "stamps" the pricing is very reasonable. Anyway, I just thought I would pass along. I just sent a card to my sister and it turned out pretty nice. Here is the link if you are interested. Paperless Post

There are ways to "earn" stamps too by inviting friends, or "liking" it on Facebook. I don't think I did that by sharing it here, that wasn't my goal. I just thought it was pretty neat.