Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Fred's Wrath, Or How To Entertain A Boston On A Budget

Hmmmm, what on earth is Fred doing...

I was perusing one of my many favorite blogs From my front porch in the mountains. (Neat blog by the way, you should visit) In this particular post Misha talks about the never ending task of inspecting and sorting through the myriad of dog toys that she has. She mentioned that she goes to thrift stores to get some of the toys for her furry friends and I thought to myself, "what a great idea". I hate spending incredible amounts of cash on toys that Fred will destroy in mere minutes. So last week I headed out searching for toys for Fred that wouldn't break the bank. It didn't take long until I found the mother lode. I knew I didn't want plush toys that had those bean things in them, I just wanted plain old stuffing. I narrowed my purchase on two.Total cost, $2.00, even I can afford that.
 The first of many "victims"
 This is after Fred has had his way with them for a while...They are actually holding up better than I thought. He made quick work of the eyes though. I don't blame him, I really don't like to be watched by my food either. (why do some people leave the heads on trout when they serve it to you?)

Fred was in dog heaven! He immediately got to work...

"Nrr grr grr nrrr..snort"
"I need to get both of these guys at the same time, they are goin' down!"
 I think he is in a trance. Somehow my socks got in the mix too...

The following week I took another trip to the thrift store. Just one this time. $1.00
Deeno the Dino?
Fred had already got to this one before I could take a picture.

This poor guy didn't have a chance, the velour covering was no match for Fred. Which leads me to that noise your heard earlier...
He's really going to town.

Here is a little clearer video, oh, what I wouldn't give for a decent video camera.

The good thing is Fred won't eat the stuffing, he just enjoys the destruction. Well, at least he doesn't actually try to swallow any. I was cleaning up the yard the other day and I did see some bits of white here and there, which is really a bummer for Fred. When that happens, he usually ends up with some "hangers on", or what I like to call them, "danglers" after he does his "business". This is a problem for Fred, he doesn't know what to do about it and he ends up staring up at me with big wide eyes shivering pathetically, and won't move, seriously, like a statue. At least not until I figure out what the problem is and deal with it...then it's completely my problem.

Any hoo... Back to the fun stuff. It is really amazing how much stuffing can get stuffed into one of these things. It's like it grows after he pulls it out. It just keeps coming and coming endlessly.

He went right for the jugular
" Um, do you mind? I'm kinda busy right now"
 So for the last few weeks, I've been picking up the "entrails" but you know, I really don't mind. It fun to see Fred have so much fun tearing it up. He's in heaven. and it's easy to scoop up and toss in the trash.

 Ahhh, my little carnivore...So precious!

I bought this one at Petco quite a while back. I'm pretty sure it set me back $14.00 bucks. "Guaranteed" indestructible. I am so gullible. This one had three different squeaky thingy's in it. Fred made quick work of those and I really had to watch him when he was tearing it up too. I think I have finally learned my lesson.

The aftermath
Total Carnage

There's still some stuffing left in the feet, well, 3 anyway. Now it's really fun for him to just shake the crap out of it. I mean, he shakes it so hard he actually comes off the ground while shaking and twirling and snarling! I have never seen him do this so vigorously, cracks me up every time. He's really having a blast with his new friends.

The Master!


  1. Fred is having a blast!!! I love to watch him in the videos-he attacks them just like Zeke! After ours get the stuffing, we just let them keep playing them. Until finally I sneak them into the trash :)
    And gosh, isn't it sooo much cheaper than buy a toy at a retail store that the same happens to!? Glad you checked out your thrift stores and found new toys!
    I am just like you..watching them play and having fun gives me as much happiness as it does them. maybe more :)
    Hugs to you and Fred!
    xo, misha

    p.s. thanks for the shout-out! I am working on a post now, for my annual Flea Market Style magazine giveaway. (I am a thrifter in every area of my life!) Watch for it and come by later and enter!

    p.p.s. Do you know that word verification is on? Google has now added a 2cd word, making it take longer to do the verification thing. Maybe turn it off. There is a whole movement going on a bloggers who will not comment on sites with word veri!

  2. :) It is so nice to see Fred again and to hear things are going well!!

    He really does like his chew toys! I wonder if you can remove the stuffing and sew them back up again to umm... get rid of the "danglers" problem? Or is Fred enjoying the stuff removal primarily?

    I'll have to keep an eye open for Fred suitable toys for him - there's a neaby thrift store where I work. :)

  3. Tucker & Walter do the same thing! They LOVE to disembowel their stuffies. Poor Comet, our Lab cross, he looooves stuffed toys and now he can't have any. Well none that remain stuffed at least lol.

    Loved your "oh the humanity" caption!

  4. The last photo is priceless. I guess stuffing-free toys would still be no match for Fred. Who knew that he had such an aggressive streak. ;)

    My cat used to attack my stuffed animals and attempt to rip their guts out with his hindlegs. It was hilarious to watch, but he was all business, like Fred.

  5. Fred, aka Killer!
    Mickey won't play with any toy. I've tried balls, stuffed toys, etc. He only wants to play with me!

  6. Oh my word!! Hope mom is your ER nurse. Ours is....she gives stitches
    Benny & Lily

  7. Tucker does the SAME thing with stuffed animals! Which really is a shame for my cocker spaniels since Diesel loved his suffed mallard duck, and little stuffed frogs and chicks he had since he was a puppy. Tucker can't have anything that squeeks or makes any kind of sound. Those stuffing free toys? yeah those still get ripped apart at the seams. Tennis balls last about 25 seconds before the skin is ripped off and it's chewed in half. Currently we only have toys made out of knotted ropes, Nylabones, and the skins of some of his other victims. But each time we go to Ikea we pick up some of the suffed toy mice they have there. I call them training dummies, hopefully he will destroy real mice if he sees them!
    I'm glad my boston terrorist isn't the only destroyer of toys out there! I'm also glad he hasn't touched any of my shoes in over a year!
    This post reall made me giggle! Thanks for making my day brighter!

  8. What a cute Master!!! My buddy does the same thing with his toys. Utter devastation all across the floor.

  9. First I want to thank you for stopping by my blog and the sweet comment! I can't wait to start feeling good again so I can start blogging consistently again.
    Second, I love your dog!! I have always wanted a Boston Terrier. I keep sayin' that one of these days I will own one!!!
    I can only keep hard dog toys around my house. One of my Aussie's Bailey, destroys anything with stuffing inside. He always starts with the eyes and nose and then very delicately rips through the seam and removes the stuffing!! I swear he thinks he's a surgeon or something!

  10. You know I noticed that about Chrome's mane too!! Maybe it will come in dark and will lighten up after his body does. That's the fun thing about gray horses is watching all the bizarre color changes. :D

    I'll be back in a second to read this post. Need to finish answering email.

  11. I LOVE that last picture!!! Storm is the exact same way. She loves destuffing things and won't eat it thank goodness. She does have the same "danglers" problem, only its from her own fur, not the stuffing. So annoying lol.

  12. Just stopping in to say hi to you and Freddy!

  13. love this blog thanks for sharing will spent some time here...alot


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