Sunday, July 10, 2011

Sunday Stills-The Letter F

When I heard the letter F was the theme for this week, what else could I do? This is what I will call  "Funny Freddy" (I know, pretty lame). Fred probably could use some orthodontic attention, his bottoms are a bit "off". It may be from playing tug of war a bit to vigorously when he was young. However, I think it gives him character and I fully intend to take every advantage of it, that I can. Now, of course he can really get that lip tucked up pretty good, especially when he's thirsty. I have yet to capture the "full effect" on camera, but I will, oh yes, I will. So this is the best he would give me today....

That's my boy!!


  1. He's a cutie! Nothing like a dog to keep you company. I have a little yorkie/westie mix. He is my constant companion--good thing he likes to travel!


  2. Of course your "F" post is Freddy!! He'd be insulted if you chose something else ;)

  3. CUTE! Tucker-pants has the same problem. His teeth in front are crooked, but the vet said that is pretty common for Boston Terrors. I think if I had to name him all over again his name would be "Sid Vicious" or "Billy Idol" since it appears he is snarling sometimes

  4. F is also for Furkids!!


    Frowny Faced Freddy.

  5. So cute! I did Faran for F on my Farmer Life blog. :D F is a good letter. Hehe. That picture is adorable. Jackal does that with his lip too and his teeth are perfectly straight, so it might be more a lip thing than a tooth thing LOL!

  6. Nice photo he has such a funny look on his face. Oh and I left a comment on the post that I missed.

  7. Hehehe I caught your hint. :D I'll record our sessions for you. I think it's going to be ridiculously easy for Jackal, but I've assumed that before and been proven wrong so we shall see. :)

  8. We never really get rain during the summer, but this year has been particularly dry. Luckily we had a VERY wet spring so it hasn't hurt us so bad. The horses loved the rain. They stand out in it and graze because there are no flies out lol. The ground stayed wet for several days so it was a huge help. The grass is perking up a bit too.

    This is going to sound absolutely crazy, but I hadn't even realized how blonde Chrome's tail had gotten!! It happens so gradually and I see him everyday so I just didn't notice. When I read your comment I went back to look at the pictures and my jaw almost hit the floor! LOL I feel so unobservant (which I am notorious for). The inside of his tail next to the skin is a pure white now (at least I notice that part when I brush it hehe). :)

    The trot was my favorite part. It made me so happy. :)

  9. Your comment made me laugh! Yes my husband does work out with me and it makes it a LOT easier. :D


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