Saturday, July 9, 2011

Saturday Night At The Movies

Here is a short video of Freddy and Buddy playing. This is my first try at actually getting the two of them playing together. Usually by the time I pick up my camera and go outside, they stop and act like they haven’t been doing anything at all. I think I may have figured these two out though. So hopefully, going forward, I will get much better at keeping them both within view of the camera. Oh, if anyone is worried about Buddy here, trust me, he holds his own. A lot of the time he starts it. When he gets tired of Fred, he has many places he can go that are out of Freddy’s reach. Sometimes I worry about Fred and his big eyes, but Buddy seems to keep his claws to himself. I hope you enjoy the video!


  1. That is so cute!!!! I love watching cats and dogs playing together. Fred is so funny with the rope. He's like "come on Buddy play tug play tug play tug please!" :D

  2. Fred doesn't need a dog park. He has Buddy! I love how each one gets to chase the other. I used to own cats and I have to say that I miss the feigned indifference exhibited by Buddy with the pebble and the impromptu bath. Cats are very funny creatures. They are lucky to have each other as playmates. Thanks for sharing!

    My word verification contains the word "lion".

  3. *giggles*

    Too bad Buddy won't play rope pull... LOL!

    They sure do get a major cardio-workout playing with each other!

  4. lol love this video, Fred is very playful little guy, I was just wondering how old is he? It’s good to see that Buddy is nice about playing with Fred and doesn’t hurt him with his sharp claws, they both seem to be having a great time, nice post.


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