Thursday, July 21, 2011

Fred's Ordeal cont...

I'm sure you've all been sitting on pins and needles worrying about how Fred's night went last night...

I will let the pictures speak for themselves.

This was last night, Fred was not going anywhere. Except under the covers, of course!

This morning.

We both got a pretty decent nights sleep. Well, Fred did anyway, he was a serious Bed Hog!
We will be having a conversation about that tonight.

It was interesting sleeping with my dresser and night stand 2" from the bed and my head. Climbing in and out got a bit comical. Sort of like climbing into the berth of small sailboat...

The captions are a little hard to read (learning curve), if you click on the photos you should be able to see a larger view. Or, you can get a magnifing glass...sorry


  1. *giggles*

    Looks like Freddy got the best part of the covers and the bed!! I'm glad HE got some sleep last night!! LOL!

  2. Does he really sleep like that on the pillow? I think Fred is a person.

  3. Bostons are certainly bed hogs! Watching them sleep is quite comical though. Half the photos on my phone are Tuckers various sleeping positions.

  4. Glad to hear Fred’s traumatic nights are over now, and he can finally get a good nights sleep, but you on the other hand may have difficulty, dogs are such bed hogs, we have a jack russel who has taken to sleeping in my bed, and they are scrabbling about all night long, but at least it is normally only the small dogs that are the bed hogs.

  5. Poor Fred. They sure don't like their routines messed with or their comfort. Hope you get it all done soon and can return to normal...for Fred's sake if nothing else.

  6. What a character! He certainly takes the prize for pathetic- and I thought my collies were the most pathetic dogs ever!

  7. Poor baby! He's so expressive. Renos are a pain in the butt-inski, but need to be done. I think you are tackling it the right way - all at once so it's over and done with!

  8. He's adorable!! I can totally relate to the bed hog thing...we have 2 labs!! I wake up and my hubby and I are pushed to the outsides and scrunched up with Ruby sprawled out in the middle and Annie upside down at the bottom of our bed...sheesh! No wonder I'm always tired at work. How exciting about your house renovations and the possibility of moving to a new place! I'd love that! The endless possibilities...

  9. Now that is too hilarious for words!! His face tells the story, like no one else!
    How disconcerting all the activites can be for them...Fred, i'm with ya, shange is tough sometimes... glad you slept this night at least!
    Good for you doing and haing all that work done!! is exhausting, looking at it all. But it will be so nice, once it is done!

    We have a bed Hog kitty...but for sleeping purposes, I shut the dorr(it has tape all over it) and sometimes actually sleep.

  10. Hehe glad Freddy got some rest. We eventually kicked Jackal out of the bedroom because he always insisted on laying on top of the covers between us so both of us were only half covered. He was fine if he slept between me and the edge, but he preferred the middle. Luckily he's just as happy to sleep on the couch. He takes my spot as soon as I get up and sleeps all night there. :)


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