Tuesday, September 3, 2013

The Storm

Fred did something last night that he has never done before, and it was really quite special. 
We experienced a thunderstorm last night. Here in the Pacific Northwest, in the valley anyway, thunderstorms are few and far between. So when they do occur, they get noticed.
This particular storm, wasn't very close or even remotely intense. I grew up in Ohio, and I've experienced some serious storms. This one doesn't even come close to one of those. That said, it was noticed by me, and definitely by Fred.
I had been in bed for about an hour or so when I heard a little rumbling in the background outside. It dawned on me that it was thunder, I thought it was pretty cool. Fred was under the covers as usual, and I couldn't tell if he had heard it, or not, he didn't startle or anything. Which isn't surprising, he's a pretty cool dude when it comes to stuff like that. Fireworks really don't phase him much, it's clear he doesn't like them, but he doesn't get all freaked out about it. One of the many qualities that I love about Fred.
 Mr. Cool
So anyway, I could see the lightning flicker through the blinds and several seconds later a rumbling of thunder, I was actually enjoying it. Not much time had gone by, when Fred army crawled himself from under the covers. He laid down on the pillow next to me with his head up, staring at the window. He seem unusually concerned about the storm.  I offered a belly rub for reassurance, which he graciously accepted. I turned away from him and continued to read my book while the thunder rumbled outside. A little bit after that, Fred scooched himself closer to me with his nose close to my ear and he put his paw on my shoulder. Then he took it off, lightning flashed, and thunder rumbled, and he put his paw back on my shoulder, then off again. He did this until the storm finally moved on, probably about an hour. 
It was really very sweet, and I am not sure if he was protecting and comforting me, or if it gave him comfort to know I was right there beside him. I like both scenarios really. 

Anyway, this was just one of the many, many things that Fred does on any given day that brings him ever closer to my heart, if that is even possible.