Thursday, April 12, 2012

Shopping with Fred

More often than not, Fred goes to the grocery store or shopping in general for that matter, with me. Unless of course, I plan on shopping for a long time, which is very rare, or if it's really sunny and warm, which is also very rare. Sometimes he even gets to come into the store with me, like at Home Depot, or Petco, stores like that. He gets lot of attention and he loves every minute of it. People get such a kick out of him. I think I may have mentioned this before, but there just aren't very many Boston's in this part of the country. I've actually brought him into Walgreen's and no one seems to mind.  So there is always that moment when we pull into the parking lot when Fred's not sure if he gets to actually go into the store or if he's going to be waiting in the car. Even if I tell him he won't be coming in, he still gives it the old college try to convince me otherwise. On this particular day, my daughter and I were searching far and wide for a parking space at Costco, which if you aren't familiar, it is like a humongous warehouse type store. I think back east they are called Sam's Club, anyway you get the idea, parking is an ordeal. It was a very exciting time for Fred while we were searching for a spot. He wasn't sure if he would be coming with or staying in the car. It was almost too much for him.  Molly was able to get this little peek into Fred's world on video.

Poor guy, he's such a worrier.

He didn't get to go inside this time, and he survived. (barely)


  1. OMG! That face! Those eyes! His worried look just slayed me! He is such a ham :)
    More videos of Fred, please!
    xo, misha

  2. Oh Fred, BOL you talk like me, like a monkey. Hope sissy stayed in the car with you
    Benny & Lily

  3. lmao I SOOOO know that grunty whine! Tucker usually does it when he wants something, he sounds incredibly urgent when he does it.
    Lately its often because Walter wants to go out. What a good 'big' brother lol

  4. Fred talks!?! I had no idea.

    I do not know if I would have the will power to say "no" to that one. He is too cute!

  5. He's so eager to please it's nearly comical. :)

    He looked a little car sick at first..

    I replayed the new boots video and had to laugh all over again. :)

  6. He’s so sweet I love that little face of his.

  7. Fred was really cute. Love that he talks to you. Maybe he saw some good spots you missed. I can understand that he was probably devastated when he couldn't come in. How else was he going to help you get just the right dog treats.

    We have Costco here in the east too, Sam's Club is a different deal. But those parking lots are ridiculous. I try to get there early before the store even opens to find a spot.


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