Sunday, August 14, 2011

Sunday Stills-Macro Pics or Extreme Closeups

I did not know when I took this that there was a fly on it..Bonus!

Playing with texture


Last but not least....
Fred! (Of course)

As with most of my pictures, clicking on them will show more detail, I hope.

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  1. Very cool shots! The paw is cool and I love the texture of the woven fabric.

  2. I really like the fabric. It is fun to look at.

  3. I love macro! I just bought a macro lense and I've been taking etreme closeups of just about everything!

  4. Nice! Photos I like the one of Fred’s paw the most, but they are all great it’s interesting to see the fabrics so close up.

  5. I love how that 3rd texture pic turned out!

    The pic of Freddie's paw made me smile, Tucker likes when I hold his paw when he naps beside me. (he also likes foot rubs lol)

  6. Those are awesome!!!! I can't even begin to pick a favorite. :D

    In regards to your question about my work out, it really depends. I'm also not out to lose weight as I'm 150lbs at 5'11". My main goal is strength because I've always been weak and flexibility to prevent injury. The workouts can be very boring, but most of the time I put something on T.V. It helps me get started. Once I get started I usually fall into a rhythm of counting and breathing, then it flies by really quickly. Once the routine gets too easy or boring I change it up. I've always loved aerobics though, like the biking so that part isn't hard. The Bowflex is proving easier to stick to and not nearly as boring as lifting free weights. The Yoga/Pilates/Tae Bo (most recent new workout added) can get boring pretty quickly, so once again I change it up a lot. Luckily there are quite a few workouts available on Netflix so I have plenty of new stuff to try out. I think I'm going to try belly dancing soon too because my coordination and rhythm suck.

    I think the big thing for me was making it past the two week mark. Research shows that most people quit before or at the two week mark (including me, this is the longest I've stuck with a workout). Since I've reached and surpassed the two week mark I feel so much better, more energetic, stronger, happier and it's just about keeping it fun at this point. It is really nice to have someone to work out with and I'm lucky right now to have several people interested in working out with me. :) I'm feeling excited and optimistic enough about working out and fitness in general right now I'm just trying and learning as much as I can. :D

    Sorry for the loooooong answer. I never can seen to find a way to explain myself in a few words hehe. It's really hard to get started but once it becomes a routine it gets a lot easier, just like any other habit. Keeping track of it on paper and the blog helps too because I can't make excuses or conveniently "forget" that I've not worked out for a whole week lol.

  7. Nice crisp shots at really close ranges!!

    Freddie going to have a pedicure (umm.. manicure... dogicure)? soon?

  8. Those look really cool. My mom person wishes she knew how to do cool camera stuff!

    Nubbin wiggles,

  9. Yeah, brush hogging (or bush hogging) is mowing basically. A brush hog/bush hog is a piece of machinery that's pulled by a tractor. It's life five or six feet wide and really heavy duty so it can take down tree saplings and everything. :) I wish we had one! Wikipedia probably explains it better than I do


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