Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Wordless Wednesday

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  1. Yummy!! I'll be right over hehe. I haven't had a blackberry cobbler since I was a kid.

    Regarding your question about Storm dealing with the heat. The humidity is almost more of a pain than the heat, but she handles it all well. The only special considerations I make are that we exercise early or late and I never leave her outside unattended. She stays indoors in the air conditioning when I'm not home.

  2. Oh yum! Want to bring that over to my house? I've got ice cream!

  3. That cobbler looks awesome!! So scrumdillylicious!!

    I bet Fred liked it too!! :)

    Fred is a cutey-pie!

    Thanks for stopping by. I see I got some reading to do here - I'm a dog nut, so dog folks are tops in my book.

  4. Wow that looks super yummy, thanks for stopping by my blog, I've taken a look through your blog and think your dog is sweet. I'm now following and look forward to reading more about him.

  5. Yes you did plant the cobbler seed! Actually my husband mentioned it before I'd even told him and I was like I just saw the best looking cobbler and have been craving it lol. It was delicious although some of the berries were still a little tart. :)

    Jackal's recall isn't the best, but it's a dream compared to Storm. After living with a Siberian Husky for ten years a decent recall is like heaven lol! Like I said he's much better out in the pasture when he thinks the evil horse can get him. :D He has a very reliable "leave it" too which I love. Good luck with Fred. If you're having trouble with his recall it sometimes helps to retrain a completely new word because we often times use come when we don't mean it and dilute the meaning of the word.

  6. That's so true about men and multitasking. I forget about that! I'm trying to be patient with him and trying to explain things in a way he understands it so this has actually be fantastic practice for me explaining things to beginners. I'm trying to get him to read a book about clicker training that explains some of the mechanics behind it but it doesn't hold his attention for long at a time. Boys really never do grow up lol. Thanks for the compliments!

    I think Chrome got his injury from playing with the donkey because Zeppelin has a scrape on his forehead. They just play too rough. Neither one is bad though. :)

  7. I wish we had blackberries around here. I don't even think they grow in New arid and hot. I haven't had them since I was a kid growing up in Maryland. That cobbler looks yummy!
    Some homemade ice cream would go well with it. I have some...come on over (with the cobbler. hehe!)



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