Saturday, June 25, 2011

We've Got Action!

On your mark!
Get Set...
I'm Flying!!!! Wee Hoo!!!

I love the way his shadow turned out underneath him. I only wish I could’ve been at a different angle, he really got some good “air”. If you click on the pictures you will be able to get a larger view. (You probably already knew that, I just figured that out) :-)

This may sound funny, but I just learned that my camera can shoot continuous frames. Now I need to remember what settings I used, it gets confusing. I’ve only had this camera since 2003.

 It’s like I have a new toy! How fun is that?!


  1. Really cute pictures of your flying guy. I'm not much good with cameras either, point and shoot for me.

  2. Fun photos! Yay for toys!

    Your new header rocks!


  3. That's awesome!! I'm glad you found the setting. It's a ton of fun to play around with. :D Your boy gets a ton of air. Wow, Boston on springs hehe.

  4. I bet a movie named something like, "Air Fred" would be a smash!!


    I think Fred is a lucky dog - he has a beautiful yard to play in.

  5. Nice photos. This post really did put a grin on my face, he’s got a jump in him that’s for sure, looks to be having a great time too.

  6. That shadow under Fredy is


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