Sunday, June 26, 2011

Sunday Stills Black & White or Sepia

This reminded me of one of those really old photos where nobody smiles because they had to keep still for so long in order to get the correct exposure.

I chose this one because I really like Fred's sweet face. :-)

I just bought this plant yesterday to put into my rock garden.
Super Macro!

This flat must have at least 20 different varieties in it! I can't decide whether or not to separate it or plant it as is. So it sits on patio...


  1. Awesome pictures! I love the second one of Fred too. His expression is so adorable. :)

  2. Great shots, I'd plant it as a clump. Fred is adorable..:-)

  3. Awww.. what's that Freddy face supposed to be saying?

    He looks like he is wondering what his hoominz is up to...

    I vote for clump too! LOL!

  4. Super Macro was very cool! Cute pup too. : )

  5. Love the photos of Fred he is such a sweet dog, with so much character. I have left a comment on your old post that I missed.

  6. ROFLOL! You comment about the greenheaded horse fly had me about falling out of my chair I was laughing so hard. Here is a picture of one and yes they are creepy. :) The horses absolutely hate them.

    Yes, it makes me very, very happy to have a husband who enjoys the things I enjoy. :D

  7. welcome also. The first face is so funny! Fred seems to be saying, not me! I would plant as a clump - in the center of a big open area so it can spread!

  8. Cool rock garden.
    Around here, rocks seem to be mating and reproducing at an alarming rate....

    Fred looks adorable in any color photo!



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