Saturday, June 18, 2011

Sunday Stills-The Birds And The Bees

As I was reading my moring paper I saw this little guy out of the corner of my eye.
He stops by pretty regularly to bathe and sometimes even takes a nap. I should give him a name...
He's quite a character.

He was very itchy today, there was a lot of scratching going on. When all of the sudden out of nowhere...Zooom!

This obnoxious bird buzzed him, out of the blue (on the left side there). The squirel didn't know what hit him, he was confused.
What the heck was that?
Hey! Quit that!

Where'd it go? What's happening??

Now cut that out!! What is the matter with you???!!

I am actually a bit proud of this photo, my first real action shot that "kind of" turned out OK. :-)

Back to the bath...
Sheesh! I need a nap.

And just like that, it was over.

This activity actually went on for quite some time even before I managed to grab my camera, there must have been some baby birds nearby, unfortunately I don't know where they were.

Oh Great! Look what the cat dragged home! Thanks Buddy!  Ugh...

That is my interpretation of this weeks Sunday Stills Challenge "The Birds and The Bees"


  1. Fred doesn't try to chase the squirrel? Tucker goes after almost anything that moves.
    Saw your comments on my blog about trying to get "action" pics... I've got lots like yours, or with just a piece of dog lol

  2. Is that a Steller's Jay? I don't have a birdguide here at work that has western birds. It's an exotic one for me!

  3. Poor little squirrel being attacked for now reason. Great photos though.

  4. Great pictures!!

    Faran's hooves are cracked because the woman who had him before didn't get his hooves trimmed as often as they needed to be (probably because of money or he was too scared to stand still). When the hoof wall grows too long (much like our fingernails) they break off and split. He'll be okay as soon as we get him trimmed. :)

  5. Cool photos!! Both the squirrel and the blue bird. It looks like a Jay of some sort to me - but one of the "out west" varieties that I'm not familar with.

    Maybe you say somewhere - but I'm new here... what sort of camera do you have? you got some "tricky shots"!

  6. lol! Great shots, awesome action photos and fun story to go along with them. Poor squirrel!



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