Wednesday, June 22, 2011

I Did It!

Originally I was going to post this as a "Wordless Wednesday" but as you probably know by now, I have to jabber.
 It was such a nice day yesterday, 78 and sunny, it really doesn't get much better than that. I decided to head out to the front yard and do some more weed "management" there were quite a few I missed the last time. I decided to bring my camera and Fred out to the front also. I thought I'd give him another shot at being in the front without a leash. Much to my delight, he immediately started dashing all around the yard, really fast! So I grabbed my camera and tried to get some action shots. So without further ado, here it is...
Dang! Missed him...

TADA!!! Too bad it's not all of him, but hey, at least he's in the picture.

If you look real close you can see Fred's front feet are off the ground. Note the tongue curled up too, I have no idea how he can breathe when his tongue is up on his noes like that, but I guess he manages. After about 20 or more shots of basically nothing, I went to work, all the time keeping one eye on Fred, listening to his collar jingle and talking to him so he knew I knew what he was doing. Well, naturally in my concentration "coma" I lost track of him. Well crap! The neighbors' gates were closed, he's nowhere to be found in the cul-de-sac, I couldn't here his jingling collar either. I really looked pretty shabby  wasn't dressed for a neighbor visit,  but off I went in search of Fred. Swearing under my breath and trying to sound "perky" at the same time, while I was whistling and calling for him. Anyway, the neighbor boy caught him just as he was making a beeline for someone elses back yard, new neighbors, I haven't introduced myself yet and I really didn't want to at that time. Long story short, I managed to "herd" him home, but it took a while, one of my neighbors had just arrived home and of course, Fred had to go and say hi, I smiled and finally got him home, Hrmph! That's the end of that! I am going to have to get a long leash now if I want him in the front while I do chores.

I also couldn't resist a shot of my first rose of the season. They are really late this year.
If it wasn't for the shadow, it would've been a real nice photo. Oh well, I still think it's pretty. This rose is called a Double Delight and it smells wonderful! For reasons I'll never understand, it has survived 18 years in my "care".


  1. Action shots of bostons are hard! I think I took 100 pictures of Tucker playing at the farm and about 95 of them were blurry!
    Beautiful rose! I've always wanted roses but I have a black thumb...

  2. I like Fred's action shot....very cute! Beautiful rose, btw. Mine are late this year, too.

  3. That rose is awesome!

    Yeah I guess a leash would be the best solution for front yard adventures. It sounds like he was doing well at first, but when your attention wanders so does he. You can't really blame him lol. :)


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