Thursday, June 16, 2011

Another Day at The Dog Park

I received and invitation in my in box announcing a new outdoor meet-up at a park that Fred and I had never been to. I decided to take Fred to the new dog park before the "event". I thought maybe, if I show him the park, let him get to know the sights and smells before we actually attend the organized meet-up, he would be a bit more comfortable. Fred had a difficult time at the last meet-up we attended. Click here for the post on that one. All good intentions, and he was great! There were all sorts of dogs running around, Huge dogs, little itty bitty dogs, a little butt sniff here a little butt sniff there, great, no big deal. It's actually really nice, there is a big area to walk on that is shaped like a big curvy oval with trees and benches, the walking path has gravel on it so it's not very muddy, and the inner part is grass where people can play Frisbee and fetch with their dogs. It probably takes about 45 minute or so to walk the whole track, which we did and a little more.

So, a couple of days ago we went to the "organized" event  for small dogs of all types, not just Boston’s like the last time. This was the group that had the indoor meet-up with all the barkers, (referring to the previous post again).
We pulled up and parked, and Fred was beside himself he was so excited, I had high hopes this time.
This is Fred being "beside himself"

There was an area fenced off just for small dogs, it's not very big, but it's fine.  Anyhoo...we walked into the enclosure, camera around my neck, with great confidence once again. I'm smiling and really hoping Fred could make friends and play, and I look down and Fred, and once again...he's drooling profusely, all foamy and stringing off his lips. YUCK!
What am I supposed to do Mama?

I didn't bring anything to wipe his face with, it was pretty gross. People started giving us a very wide berth, actually they looked terrified.
Anxious folks, check out the guy in the white... he's concerned. Freddy had thoughts of saying hi to them but decided against it.

I'm apologizing, trying to calm the masses, some people actually scooped their little dogs up into their arms.  I continue wandering about, smiling (trying anyway) acting like everythings just fine, I made a feeble attempt to throw a stick for Fred and he just stared at me with his drooling face, he actually looked like a walrus. At this point, I'm humiliated and embarrassed.

Then, this one nice lady came over to me and we chatted a bit about Fred and his "situation", and she shared with me a dental appointment that she had been to a while back. She had said that the dentist noticed that she, herself, had quite healthy salivary glands (there was a little more detail, but you get the gist of it). I'm sure that somewhere in there she was trying to make me feel better about my slobbering dog, bless her heart, but I was having a hard time engaging myself in this particular conversation. I waited for an awkward pause, and excused myself. 
I took Fred out of the enclosure, wiped off his face with my jacket and we walked on the big path for a while. Immediately he was fine just walking with me, no leash, sniffing around, reading the paper, the usual. 
On the outside, looking in. No drool.

So after a little while, I decided to go back into the enclosure to give it another shot. Right away, he started acting strange again. Out of sorts is the best way I can explain it, not wanting to really engage himself.
Note, guy in white coat, still concerned...
Hi, I'm Fred
He made a few feeble attempts to say hi to one little dog, but was rejected, he just stood there looking forlorn and lost in a way. 
Poor guy
Not too long after that, I called it quits.  Fred was glad to get out of there.
"Put the camera down and drive for cripes sake!"
"Boy, I'm glad that's over with! Take me home."

I'm not sure if I want to go to an organized meet-up anymore. The parks that we go to aren't really that close and Fred obviously hates it. I think I may have lost the window for Fred to be able to socialize in situations like that, I think maybe he's just a one on one type of a dog. Or maybe he just didn't like the enclosed area, it really wasn't that small, who knows. At least he didn't try to pee on anyone this time, I think that would've put the guy in the white shirt over the edge.
We will still go out and about to the parks and things. I guess my hopes of connecting with other dog people in that type of an organized situation are dashed. That's OK too.

It's just me and you Freddy!


  1. I’m sorry your meet up didn’t go so well. It’s so weird that Fred isn’t a social guy! Tucker would sell me to a band of traveling gypsies if it meant he could go to the dog park every day. Hubby brought him there once and said all he did was run around playing with the other dogs. He didn’t even care that his dad was there. My cocker spaniels though would be miserable at the dog park. They do not like other dogs, at all. When pooper was a baby I brought her to the dog park with my friend and her Papillion puppy. Her dog was socializing with every other dog while Pooper was my shadow and didn’t leave my side. She kept begging for me to pick her up. And Diesel well he was raised on a farm with his little pack of farm dogs. Since he left them he won’t socialize with any other dog. He doesn’t even socialize with Pooper and Tucker. Poor fella! So don’t feel bad if Dog Parks aren’t his thing…it’s not 2/3rds of my dogs thing either!

  2. Aw, poor confused guy! That face just tugs at the heart strings.

  3. Poor little Fred. But, he tried, you tried. I think it's great that he was polite. Good boy! :-)

  4. Poor Fred. He's so cute but I guess he's a little nervous. Maybe with more time he'll get into it and play with everyone else. If not he's just a cutie and you can both have fun by yourselves on your walks.

  5. Fred is adorable! And so is your tabby, who reminds me of one of my kitties. I feel sorry for Fred. Maybe he will learn to make friends with time. My horse was alone for a very long time and it took him a good year before he was speaking horse and not getting scolded by his paddock mates.

    Thanks for joining my blog!

  6. Aw poor Fred, he's socially awkward. Tucker is a nut job at home, runs and plays with anyone that will join him. He's much more subdued "in public" - meaning at my mom's and my neighbours. But if they visit with their dogs at our house he's fine. He's very subdued,sometimes tense, in the city. I always think that's because he was born on a ranch and lives in the country and lives on an acreage. Funny he loooves going to the vet, probably because EVERYONE their adores him (as they should) ;)

  7. Poor Fred!! (and poor you!! I can see why you were mortified!)

    Fred sure does have an expressive face... I wonder why he's so "stressed" (if that is what the trouble is) at meets...?

    You need a doggy-whisperer!

  8. Poor Freddy! The only time Storm drools is when I put certain kinds of flea/tick stuff on her. When I discover one I don't use it again. For now she seems fine with K9 Advantix. I wonder if his problem is from something at that park, like something on the grass . . . well no you said he was fine when you went before the meetup. Maybe he's just an introvert lol. Poor guy. At least he was happy when you got away from the other dogs. There is nothing wrong with having a dog who doesn't like to play with other dogs. :)

  9. Aww, poor Fred. I agree w/cdncowgirl. Socially awkward. It's ok, Fred, we all get that way. I've been known to drool too in big crowds (actually I have to take anti anxiety meds to deal with huge crowds, I have panic attacks). I think Fred is just a one person, one dog kinda dog. He loves YOU and that's his whole world. I think it's a beautiful thing :)
    Thanks for your comment on the documentary. I too, can't stop thinking about it, it affected me so much. It was surely the good, the bad and the ugly shown there. What that guy said at the end, about how those kids just need love and gave that girl a hug, ahh, that got to me. And yes, her brain is FRIED. I can't stop thinking about how she is now, and how her daughter is and are they still out there? Sigh.... so much I wish I could do, but most of them just want to be left alone. Society has failed them and shunned them.

    I also watched some stuff about Skid Row, since the Brits are going down to visit there today. I had no idea there was a section in LA exactly like this Mesa, maybe worse. Horrifying things going on down there. Surrounded by wealth, but still in the worst possible condition they could be in. Shameful that we allow it to be that way, but perhaps some just don't want any help.

    I also agree that children who have no choice have no business being out there. Those 3 with their dad, watching him drunk in the dark. I prayed to the Lord they wouldn't have to endure that for long, and I hope they stay with their mother. (If I had been the mom and seen that video, I would have taken it straight to court to get full custody) It's just no place for a child, in my opinion.
    Anyway, give Fred and Buddy some pats from the Arizona folks. He's a special lil dog (I love Bostons, they're SO funny!)


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