Wednesday, May 11, 2011

The Snuggler

I was going through my pictures today and I stumbled on this one, it was hidden, long story, suffice to say I think something (a gremlin) gets into my computer at night and randomly rearranges my pictures. It's the weirdest thing.

Fred has this uncanny ability to find or create the perfect snuggle spot. He is the King of snuggledom! He worked pretty hard on this one, and I did help out a bit. That blanket is my favorite napping blanket, and it is usually folded out of Fred's reach. Obviously this time I forgot to put it back, and he quickly made a little nest for himself. Quickly is a relative word here, there is quite a bit of twirling and adjusting that goes on to achieve the perfect spot, and hopefully soon, I will be able to get this process on video, my words can't really give it justice. Trying to film Fred doing his weird Fred things are next to impossible. He always has one eye on me so when I go to grab a camera he stops whatever he's doing and focuses on what I'm doing. Then he comes up to me and get his face so close to the camera that I can't even get a decent shot of his mug.
I took 13 pictures of him tonight and this was the best I could do. It doesn't even look like him.  

 It's very frustrating because he literally makes me laugh out loud at all of the goofy things he does. I guess that is his job though and he is very good at it. I probably should carry my camera around like my daughter clutches her damn phone. Then maybe I will have success, since having some apparatus on me at all times will become the norm.

Actually, I really don't see myself doing that. I'll just hope for luck.


  1. I'm happy to answer any dog training questions you have. :)

    That picture is adorable. One time my husky was laying by a chair that had a blanket on it and she reached up, grabbed it in her teeth and pulled it down on top of her. I've never seen her do that again. I don't know why she did it either. Normally she hates being covered up because she has such thick fur. :)

    Storm didn't used to be crazy about the camera, but she's getting used to it. Jackal on the other hand loves it and is a total ham, but that's because I had a camera in his face from the second I brought him home. :) He even knows to freeze and not move while I take the pictures, then I tell him he can move and he gets all excited.

  2. My cat Puck makes nests for herself and hides under covers. I have to be careful not to sit on her! None of the cats I grew up with ever did that.

  3. Hey, I did get your email just a few hours ago. I'm really bad about not checking my email lol. Sorry it took so long. I sent you an equally (if not more) long winded reply. ;D I hope it helps you out. :)

  4. @achieve1dream: I just watched the you-Tube video, god that’s funny. It does point me in the right direction, Fred's got one snaggle tooth in the front, maybe I can work with that. (still laughing) Thanks for all of the other references, I will be studying those, I really appreciate it!

  5. No problem! I really enjoy helping others with their dog training. :D


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