Friday, April 22, 2011

Playing with video

Here is a perfect example of what Fred does after he comes in from doing "big" business. He's so proud, as am I!

 I actually managed to shorten this up by half, it got a bit boring At one point while editing, I managed to replay in fast forward, now that was funny (of course I have no idea how I did it). For me, this is huge. Still trying to better understand my camera, now that I have done this, hopefully I can capture more of Fred's silliness. Fred is very difficult to film stills on. He rarely holds a position long enough for me to get the essence of the shot. So, hopefully these will get better as I go along.

As I post these videos, your feed-back is greatly appreciated, I want it to be as entertaining as possible, so don't be shy about it' ;-).


  1. Funny! He sounds like a horse galloping by.

  2. Hi, thanks for following and commenting. I don't know how I've never seen your blog lol!

    I posted about the wind damage to my property on my other blog Here is the post that has the actual pictures

    We're getting estimates right now on our roof and a new barn. This time we're going to try to get a bigger barn that will have a tack shed/feed shed attached to it, but it will all depend on the insurance company.

  3. Too cute!!

    How tall is Fred? We have either the same or similar chairs... I think Tucker & Fred may be the same size


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