Monday, April 18, 2011

Fred and Buddy Meet

I figured it was time. I had very mixed feelings about this. I didn't want Buddy to feel like he'd been replaced or was going to be loved any less. This was HIS home, HIS kingdom, he was the ruler of this domain. I had to do it, he already knew something was up, he was marching around the yard, and acting pretty perturbed. So I let him in. Fred was real happy to see Buddy, he wobbled right up to Buddy, with no hesitation. Oh god, the cat could really do serious damage to those eyes, cripes in one swat, he could send little Freddy flying and fleeing for his life, but he didn't. Remembering, Freddy is about the size of a gerbil. He just sat there, semi aloof about the little guy, looking at Fred, glaring at me. He was mad at me, to say the least, I expected that. I gave him a lot of pets, scratched him in his favorite spots, and he graciously "allowed" me to do this. He let Fred snort about him, he even gave Fred a sniff or two, he actually seemed ambiguous to the fact the we had a new, permanent member of the family. Phew! That went better than I thought! He would occasionally give Fred a devilish swat as he wobbled by, of course Fred would tip over, then he would just get up and go about his way, whichever way he was pointed when he finally righted himself (kinda like a wind up toy). I'm still keeping a close eye on things, but I felt pretty good about the whole meet and greet. Buddy eventually laid down with his paws tucked under, eyes at half mast, my world was good.
Mr. "Happy Pants" 
Then Buddy stood up, stretched a nice long stretch and proceeded to walk over to the corner of the front stair landing, turned around, and with his butt to the wall, started peeing! Not just a little, oh no, this was going to be a good one! This one was going to make a statement! Of course all the while, I'm frantic, waving my arms, yelling, trying to get up quickly to stop this madness, he just kept right on going, all the while, glaring at me. Buddy has never, ever gone in the house ever.  Well I got the point alright, loud and clear. I quickly picked the cat up and very firmly marched him to the back door and let him out! God I was mad. How could he do such a thing! Now I've lost track of Fred, oh cripes. I quickly found him, he was just minding his own business, I'm not even sure he noticed the commotion. So...I spent the better half of that night blotting cat urine off the carpet, baseboards and walls, got out the carpet cleaner and the Zero Odor (again, good product) taking deep breaths, getting a grip. I finally got the mess cleaned up and went back to my adorable dog.
So, that is how my perfect indoor/outdoor cat became a permanent outside cat, I can't trust him now. He's got a pretty good set up outside, nice waterproof box with old clothes in it, food and fresh water way up high, he likes it (Thanks Sis!).  He doesn't even try to come inside, not interested. I'll share pictures of his little nest at a later time. (too dark right now)
Today, Fred and Buddy are best pals, they play and box and romp around together, outside of course. Then Fred comes in, Buddy always tries to trip him when he jumps up the step to enter the house, happens all the time. I can handle that, and Fred seems to expect it. He will always be the youngest of the pack.  :-)


  1. Cat pee has got to be one of the foulest odors known to man. Our old cat is a permanent indoor varmint who is very dog savvy. She keeps two Alaskan Malamute's at bay. It's rather funny to see these two large dogs absolutely terrified of a cat.

  2. Wow! You're the 3rd person to read my blog! Right next to my Mom and sis. :-)Cool, thanks for reading. Yeah, even though Buddy is outside now, he still rules, The Zero Odor stuff really works. Glad you're back!


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