Sunday, August 28, 2011

Sunday Stills - Pests and Things that Annoy You

When Ed posted this challenge, I was quite pleased. There are plenty of things that annoy me at times, like bad driving, obnoxious individuals, grocery store lines, the usual. The things that are really annoying me right now are flies and spiders and their $$#%^& webs! It seems every time I walk outside, I get a face full of web, it creeps me out. After I aimlessly walk through one of these buggers, my gut reaction is that now I have a spider on me (shiver!). I really don't like that feeling.

So, here are my pics for this week. Thanks for the challenge Ed!

This little guy, (aren't spiders supposed to have 8 legs?), spews his web in every direction, this web is pretty well put together, but this one...

There's really no rhyme or reason to it, it's like the spider threw up or sneezed and this is what happened. I have run face first into many of these. They are in unexpected spots.

I think the spider made this web to trap my wind chime...who knows.
The wind chime eater.

I had to share a complete picture of my wind chime, this wind chime has the loveliest sound, it is very melodic. Click this link from Life at the Rough String to hear it's beauty. When I heard it, I just had to get one. Thanks Karen!

Any way, back to my annoyances...

Mr. Fly, ugh.

(note to self..wash parsley thoroughly before ingesting, I think he relieved himself)

I hope you enjoyed my annoyances.

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  1. I don't mind spiders but my daughter is afraid of them. Yesterday on the way into the barn she got a face full of web. See the key to not walking into a web is have someone go first!

    Great pictures, I think that one spider was drunk on some sort of nectar. No rhyme or reason to the construction there.

  2. Great shots. The color on the fly is really sharp! : )

  3. I don't like bugs. I am a girly girl. If they are in the house, my middle daughter will captrue them to return them to the wild. I figure it is in my space, darn it and I will nail it. The ones outside, I leave alone. Spiders are good for the garden. They should stay there.

    I do hate that one dang fly that gets in the house and will not leave you alone.

  4. Spider webs creep me out - far more than the actual spiders... I hate the feel of them.

    But on the plus side... they do eat the bugs that pester us... so that much is good.

    That parsley shot with the fly is exceptionally sharp. Excellent photo!

  5. Nice photos, that poor spider in the first shot looks a bit beat up still you should see the other guy. I don’t mind spiders or there webs but having said that I do live in England so we don’t have any spiders to worry about.

  6. I hate spiders but some of the webs are pretty. Great pictures. The one of the fly is really good.

  7. I made it, pests yes but that fly pic is fantastic!!! And I love spiders too..:-)

  8. Yick! I can't stand spiders. They freak me out! My brother got really sick from a spider bite so I have no love for them at all. *shiver*

    Great pictures though. Especially the fly one. Have you heard about how they eat?? It's disgusting. LOL

  9. Good shots! Especially Mr. Fly. It's a beauty. I see it's resting in a special angle!


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